Sunday, July 22, 2012


  As an atheist I never really concerned myself with god or gods.  I was raised fairly normal, I went to private Baptist school, went to church occasionally, read the Bible and even thought I could feel God's presence in my life.  There never seemed to be an issue between god and myself, and I never had a problem with him.  I did not have a negative experience with god or religious people in general; until recently.

  It all seemed to start when I went to an Atheist convention in Houston, the "out campaign" I believe it was called.  Oddly, I never felt a reason to hide it or even mention my lack of a belief in a god.  No one ever really asked, no one ever really seemed to notice me or even care about me.  My life seemed very normal and un-special for many years, exactly like I wanted it to be; but if Dr. Dawkins thought atheists should be more 'Out' then fine, I would try and do my little part.  What harm could it do?

 The answer to this question was a whole lot!