Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time for some Truth.

To All,

Recently a long-standing obligation was satisfied and I am finally at liberty to say the Truth about several things.  Now the Truth is usually stranger than fiction so be prepared to not believe several of the things I will say, but also remember that the meat of what I want to say will be in literature form for all to read in awhile.  In the meantime I will simply tell y'all some of the more relevant things that are openly supported by facts and if any of those mentioned wish to deny it they can drag me into court and their dirty laundry out into the public for all to see; because I have nothing to hide because I have done nothing wrong.

The entire story will not be listed here, I am still writing it for personal publication and clarification, and not all of what needs to be put behind me has been put behind me; but the people in power over Liberty are behind me and I will write.

I do not know where to begin, but now that I have almost unlimited freedom I will leave y'all with a teaser trailer; and that is this story involves adultery, thievery, drugs and alcohol, home-wrecking and home-breaking, felonies  and misdemeanors, over a dozen dead animals some murdered, God and gods, men, women and children, money and credit, right and wrong.  In the end there will be aborted fetuses and aborted dreams, hopes buried and resurrected; and ultimately a minor treatise on the State of Texas' University system and Justice system and the tax-money sucking morons that populate both like a systemic infection.

I will say the Truth without hate, regardless of how hateful One would be, and say only that if I can put the past behind me, forgive and forget, let go without letting go of memories; then anyone can and I ask y'all to attempt the same thing.  Do not have your feelings hurt and if they are understand that I am an Instructor and that Learning is not child's play, it involves suffering and yes you will get hurt; also that The Truth Hurts ... and always will.