Thursday, November 8, 2012

So I was called a pedophile!!!

The short and fast of this is, the morons in west-Texas actually thought I was a pedophile, and they slandered me with this label, simply because I was a proud atheist.

Now to most of y'all, this will seem unbelievably crazy and a crime to sue the town over.  Unfortunately I was going through some more serious issues at the time and holding a town full of colluding Christians accountable to American standards and laws was not on my plate.

But yes; this whole town of ignorant morons called me a pedophile simply because I am an atheist and proud of it.

Now just to be clear, to you rational beings, just because someone is godless does not mean they will do any godless thing.  I can look back on it now and laugh, even though that slander still follows me to this day, because it is just more proof that San Angelo is filled with masses of morons.  The hard evidence of this, and the waste of precious tax-dollars that town is, will come in later posts.

For now I am trying to get settled in to another new life, new American dream, and I am practicing doing what I love.  Thanks for any support and keep reading y'all.

LLaP & Jolan Tru. 

In the beginning ...

In the beginning I was lost in the vast western plains of Texas.  I was too old for still being in school and not being a doctor and was again on my own.  I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, financially and personally, but was doing the only thing I knew how to do; and that was learn.

Now people tend to look down on what they call professional students, but I did not know this or care because I had been surrounded by professional students my whole life and it seemed to be a sign of gradual success.  I had never learned that most normal people try to push-down others, mock them and abuse them just to make themselves feel better.  I had forgotten these things because I had learned to mind my own business and had my own personal life.

I had been in a relationship for over a decade, nearly half my life at that point, and thought I had it all figured out.  I had given up on making ground-breaking discoveries, millions of dollars, wielding world power, or changing the world; I simply wanted to get paid and laid.

A god was no longer part of the equation, that guy left my life long ago, and no one seemed to care ... so I thought.  Apparently there are still huge sections of America that house and breed huge judgmental hypocrite-morons; and the name of such a place is San Angelo, Texas.

Now this town seems normal enough at first glance, over a hundred thousand residents, military base, movie theater and a college; plus they have computers and the internet and such.  So what could the problem be ... right?  Well apparently this God character. 

Now just like the terrorists that attacked U.S. over a decade ago used their belief in a God to rationalize and justify flying planes into our lives; the "Christians" in San Angelo do the same thing; just on a personal level.  If I were to tell you the whole truth, and I eventually intend to, you will think I am crazy; but it is not I who is crazy but small towns and the people that have a delusional belief system. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

So the journey continues ...

Just writing to tell y'all that things are going well and I have found my True Love again ... writing.  I shall write about the things the religious have done; now that I have spent near a year researching how to write.

I will continue to inform y'all as to what was done to me in the name of God and how the religious interact with me; based on my own rational belief system.  I am also trying to get back into the whole spiritual thing since for a few months that seemed to really help; but as always, if you do not agree one-hundred percent with what the religious say and do then they ostracize you.

As Cicero said "To avoid criticism; say nothing, do nothing, be nothing."  

Also as the Romulans say "Knowledge is power, thus to be truly unknown is to be unconquerable.

LLaP & Jolan Tru Y'all!!!