Saturday, November 3, 2012

So the journey continues ...

Just writing to tell y'all that things are going well and I have found my True Love again ... writing.  I shall write about the things the religious have done; now that I have spent near a year researching how to write.

I will continue to inform y'all as to what was done to me in the name of God and how the religious interact with me; based on my own rational belief system.  I am also trying to get back into the whole spiritual thing since for a few months that seemed to really help; but as always, if you do not agree one-hundred percent with what the religious say and do then they ostracize you.

As Cicero said "To avoid criticism; say nothing, do nothing, be nothing."  

Also as the Romulans say "Knowledge is power, thus to be truly unknown is to be unconquerable.

LLaP & Jolan Tru Y'all!!!

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