Thursday, December 13, 2012

An idea about Pantheism.

 An idea about Pantheism. 

An idea I had about Pantheism; if Man Thinks and therefore he is does this mean everything Man thinks of becomes Real somewhere in the Universe?

I stated this idea out-loud in San Angelo, and it seemed to be well received, and it seems like a rational explanation for a lot of humans' belief systems and legends; well, 'rational' if you know what I mean?

I have recently seen movies and am starting to think that many ideas are valid to artists and those that feel tapped-out; so I will give a few out later on in my life.  I forgot the power of the First Right to not only destroy but to create.

I am becoming happier, even though people still tend to think I am duplicitous, but I use the label of 'atheist' simply for the benefit of others; since, ironically, looking-up the definition of pantheism is still a bit too much trouble for much to go through.

"I think therefor I am" ... thus if you think it it becomes real.  More philosophical than rational but then again ... I was dealing with San Angelo.

LLaP & Jolan Tru Y'all