Thursday, December 13, 2012

The idea of forgiveness.

The idea of forgiveness.  

I am in a more tranquil state of late and have decided to move on and forgive all those that hate me.  Even though I am not Christian, and they are, thus incumbent upon them to forgive me.  I will forgive them just because I feel they may be spiteful, malicious and bitter people that, oddly, need my help and example.   

I hold no ill will to any in that town; their crimes speak for them and their god.  I need not hold hate in my heart or seek vengeance, I need to seek tolerance and forgiveness. 

I do not despise their lies nor their sociopathic preying/praying that still pries.  Their slander, and their stalking, speak for their town; and now I ask only for the beginning of the end; of our encounter. 

I seek to see y'all later in a more peaceful state and to this end I offer you my forgiveness and not my hate.  Please accept this statement as an example and not an exit.  I am touched y'all still think of me and my existence.  To this end, and the end of us; I offer you my simple forgiveness. 

LLaP & Jolan Tru Y'all. 

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